You may look at our Leopold Hotels and think that they have nothing in common with one another, other than their name.  However that is not entirely true! They are situated miles and oceans away from each other but they do have quite a bit in common and cycling is something that really stands out this year!

Did you know that Oudenaarde is the closet city to the famous Tour of Flanders aka Ronde of Flanders route? This is a competition that is held every spring in Flanders which also hosts a woman’s and young men’s version of the race. Tour of Flanders is one of the most significant events in the European cycling professional calendar. If you’re into cycling make sure you don’t miss the excitement of this profession race in 2015, rooms will fill up fast so book the Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde!

The Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde is perfect for cylcing fans, with space to store and wash your bike

This year the 2014 Tour de France Grand Depart will be taking place in Yorkshire, England. The most famous race in the world will be coming through and finishing in Sheffield! All this is taking place on the 6th of July and we’re excited to see Stage 2 of the Yorkshire Grand Depart coming through our fine city. For exact information on the race’s routes check out the Visit Sheffield official page, where you will also find the most highly recommended spots to watch the cyclists go whizzing by.

To really get into the spirit of the Tour De France our team at the Leopold Hotel Sheffield organised a charity event in association with the local Children’s Hospital. As a team we cycled the entire length of the Tour De France, 190km and it only took us four hours! Raising over £300.

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